Dating a Non IITian girl

"Love before first sight" ..I thought this one liner is my original and kept teasing it to one of my best friends, Anweshan with a girl he's been hinting on for ages and never really thought it would hit me back, hit me back real hard. 

I had seen her pictures and was longing to see her in person. Several months went by and when I finally saw her for the first time, I felt a weakening sensation. There was charm, there was beauty, there was elegance in the way she carried herself. I knew I wanted her and introduced myself. How amazing it is, everything went slow-mo right there and then!! "Could anyone be as beautiful as her?" I thought. She was dressed in white tops, orange hot pants and matching sandals. Beautiful she was and I loved every part of her body; her smile, her skin, her hair, her legs, her voice.. We parted our ways after a bit of talking but somehow couldn't stop myself as I walked away and turn around optimistically. I found her looking at me. We smiled.

She was the kind of girl I wanted to show off as my girlfriend proudly and feel the superior being for nailing the hottest chick IIT Delhi has ever gotten. Funny. I know but this superiority complex feeling is in almost every IITian's blood when it comes to walking around the campus with a girl. Any girl, with a "Ladki hai toh chalega (if it is a girl, it'll do)" attitude. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they say. And interestingly enough, these are the eyes of the desperate IITians and therefore any god damn girl who walks the campus suddenly becomes very beautiful. Any girl turns head in the IIT Delhi campus!

Coming back to my love-before-first-sight story, my heart skips every time I see her (Lets say, in one of the churches) but my schedule was tight and I couldn't go to church often. Weeks turn into months and I grew impatient and desperate. Believe me, that's the only place I could see her. Anyways, after a few phone calls to arrange a meeting with her through friends and family, I finally got her number at a dinner hosted by a generous awesome cousin and called her a week later for a movie but she couldn't receive my called for some reason and SMSed me instead. A deal breaker, I know. 

I grew up hearing "Time and tide waits for no one" and therefore I finally gathered the courage to ask her out for dinner once again. Had decided the place and time, car washed and so was everything else. All that's left was to ask her. Not the brightest of ideas to take the dream girl but I would like to think my first date was at the KFC followed by a very long drive occasionally looking at her and feeling good about her being next to me smiling all the way but "Oh dear dear" as Sheldon Cooper would say it. Reality hits hard. The spark or whatever that's called, I could read her mind, was missing. 

Several weeks went by after the imaginary date and the imaginary kiss. I don't know if it is hormones acting up but I couldn't just give up on her and so I called one fine evening again, one last time and so it happens, my number was missing from her phone. Wow. I heard lies she didn't have to say. Nothing felt more insulted. I don't remember anyone turning me down to such a low level as that. Obviously as it should, the cupid's arrow literally went through my heart. Something inside went nuts wanting to know about the other guy she's kept ahead of me but to save the pain, I left that part of myself to die. This episode finally turned off all the lights.

I do see her sometimes with awkward hellos and she's still stunning as ever. I know I didn't get a fair chance to show her my other side but I guess some things are never meant to be. I concluded and found peace in the fact that she's a completely different person and never meant to be mine. It's a shame, she used to be such an inspiration for everything I do and there was nothing that I won't do for her. Times are hard. "There's more fishes in the pond", I told myself and found solace with the lie that she's not good enough for me. 


PS: I would like to think this is a work of fiction except for the first paragraph, my friend is real and is not co-incidental. He is living, alive and kicking great :P

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