How it all began: Freelancing as web developer in Delhi

How it all began: Freelancing as web developer in Delhi

Computers have always fascinated me right from the very start. I remember going to the computer room at Tiny Tots’ Unique School in Imphal, the first school I went to which has computer as subjects and I would often score 90+ marks off 100 and not knowing anything about it LOL

Workspace of Ningning Niumai It was in my 7th grade that I first had a computer connected to the internet. It was a PIII with 800MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 20GB HDD, 800x600 pixels CRT Monitor. WOW! My brother introduced me to a great online GUI tool, Geocities by Yahoo! Inc that can help build websites without learning any codes and thus my journey began.

After a few months into it, I realized geocities was not good enough. I needed things done. Wanted certain designs made which was beyond what geocities could do. I had a 30 minutes session to learn Photoshop from an awesome guy name, Akinato who was doing his masters at HCU back then and I started learning how to use the software on my own thereafter. I also started learning MS FrontPage (bundled with MS Office) which could create designs and also code at the same time. It was at this juncture that I started learning HTML/CSS and javascript to truly do things on my own. 

Slowly, I started learning ASP & Access, PHP & MySQL database as one couldn’t truly create websites without the use of these server side languages. I abandoned ASP for lack of good free hosting a few months later. 

I remember creating a form using ASP that could send emails without actually logging into one’s email account. I would often play pranks on my friends by sending emails to each other without them realizing what’s happening. They would then come to me for help resolve their “hacked” email accounts. Good times hahaha.. 

PS: The script still work and if not for gmail detecting as “This email is not generated by the sender”, I could still send emails using that old form I created back in high school days. Want the codes, anyone?

As luck would have it, I was approached by a student at HCU to create a website for their department fest, School of Management studies. I did it and thus realize what the Joker said 10 years later, “If you are good at something, never do it for free”.

I have come a long way now. This blog is doing extremely well and is on top of most search engines when potential clients look for freelance web developers or designers in Delhi although I’m not taking any new projects for lack of time and since I’m focusing on my startup, currently. I don’t have much content and I don’t advertise except on my facebook wall, this website gets over 50 unique visitors everyday from around the world, mostly India and the US.

Thanks for taking the journey to my past. I know the recent blogs have been pretty boring but hold your breathe, there are interesting ones coming up pretty soon ☺

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