How I bought a brand new iPhone 6s for $199, unlocked.

How I bought a brand new iPhone 6s for $199, unlocked.

Yes, that’s barely Rs 13,500 in India. A new iPhone 6s - 16gb model costs about Rs 40,000 online at flipkart or amazon and even more expensive in the physical stores. When I told this to a friend of mine, she said, “It’s probably fake or stolen. iPhone 6s cannot be purchased at $199 unless something is wrong with it”. Yes, I initially thought so too. I had my reservations but as I unpacked it from the seal boxed, unlocked it via AT&T website and put my SIM on and made the first call, I realized it’s as legit as it can ever be. I’ve never been more excited to have iPhone 6s after my iPhone (it’s embarrassing to even name the version) pick-pocketed by some group of guys in Vasant Kunj about a couple of weeks ago! That’s for another story

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my childhood friend, Dr. Shawn who is based in Kansas City about a possible iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s sales during or after the launch of iPhone 7. I asked him to go for it if the sales happen and is below $400. Logistics will be taken care of, I thought to myself. A few days later, he went to a store to buy an iMac for himself and noticed something unusual: $199 for iPhone 6s 16gb model while $299 for the 64gb model was put on display. On further enquiry, he realized that this was a flash sale and it happens on a yearly basis in select stores across the US. He immediately called me and without a doubt, I gave him the green signal to go for the 16GB model since the 64GB model is rose gold (pink). I should have asked him to go for the 64gb model too. Some regrets huh? He bought 3 iPhones immediately: One for me, one for his sister and one for himself. 

He went home and as instructed, got online and unlocked all the 3 iPhones via the AT&T website without a glitch. Checked the IMEI status at the Apple website and it’s done. He went back to the store and bought 3 more iPhones for friends and relatives the next day. Sadly, those were the last pieces. Until next year!

My good friend, Prashant who is with Uber and touring the US then brought my beloved iPhone home and here it is in my hands, still in shocked but slowly recovering from it with the biggest grin, an unlocked iPhone 6s for $199 :)

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