My awesome life - Ningning Niumai

My awesome life - Ningning Niumai

Where do I begin? Should I start from the very beginning? I've got a terrible headache and I'm half asleep right now. I don't know what I'm doing but I guess this is the fun part about blogging. The Freedom of Speech! duh.. its the 14th February and here i am blogging away while my best of friends are out on dates!! IITians on the dating business, real girls. Sounds too good to be true. It used to be otherwise! Looks like I've gotten older and wiser LOL

I was born in a small town, Tamei in the very late 1980s before the war broke out between the Kuki tribes and the Naga tribes! The blood thirsty youngsters killing among themselves and somehow I survived.

Why would I be telling that? I don't know.

I grew up carefree with my parents often scolding me to no end for being a pain. I used to be a brat or so everyone says. I was very bright too. I thought I was the good kid in the block. They love me nevertheless. Isn't that nice?

I did my early schooling in Imphal and went to the best schools and top most of the classes but the fun part was, there's always fighting and killing amongst one another in Manipur and schools remain shut most of the days. The schools in Imphal open only for about 100 days or less off the 365 days in a year. Thanx to the numerous bandhs, strikes, blockades and whatever more. How about that? :)

Anyways, a major conflict between the Nagas and the Manipuris forced me to leave Imphal less I wanna die and went to Hyderabad for further studies. There, in my 11th grade I heard about these so called engineering colleges called the IITs and since everyone in my friends' circle was giving IITJEE, I thought I should give it a shot too. Too bad, the government is moving on and has scrapped IITJEE from the next academic year. I do like the idea of scrapping it but a 40% weightage for the board exams is above my head. Its a shame, really.

And here I am after 2 heinous years at Narayana Jr College, a coaching institute for IITJEE that claims to send the most number of students to the premiere institute although statistically speaking I would say they manage to send less than 1% off the total number of students enrolled in their programme charging over Rs 50k per student, I finally made it to the B.Tech programme in Textile Technology, IIT Delhi.

You've read this far!!? Niiiicccceeee (Borat style) hehe.. May be I should do a little justice and tell you a bit about myself too. I love skateboarding, cycling and can go to the end of the world for anything adventurous. Talk about food and i love everything about it as long as its hygienic and tasty. Preferably, I love the Naga food back home. There's nothing like it when compared with the Indian, Chinese, Mexican or the Italian. I read too and i've just started reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom which was delivered to me today in the morning. Its a gift from the girl of my dreams hehe.. God! You need to get a life if you are still reading this!!! Nah.. I'm just kidding. The End.

Imphal Manipur - the forgotten land