Sendra Resort in Manipur – Loktak Lake

Sendra Resort in Manipur – Loktak Lake

Not as much a resort but it’s a nice location to hang out and click a picture or two. Yesterday, the 5th of January was their first day at business and it was headlined by two bands, one of which is a friends’ band – The Gravity. They are good. Better than most bands in Delhi. The café at the hilltop was a disappointment considering their prices, I felt like I’m in the airport which cost me Rs 30 in a disposal cup and Rs 60 for my favourite chocolate bar – Snickers, twice the MRP! Pretty girls who came with the band too with great DSLRs. One of the girls, I gave a friendly smile and she shrugged and turned away! Hahaha.. She wasn’t pretty anyways (Yes yes.. grapes are sour hehe)

There’s nothing new otherwise in this so called Sendra Resort by the Classic Hotel! The roads have improved though, the lake looks clean and a few local kids trying to make money in the boat trips outside the “resort” gate was the only best thing there. Of course the circle of friends that came along is something to be cherished. I guess the fun was being with them and nothing more. The boat rides costed us Rs 200 and Rs 100. The latter one being the self-paddled boat.  

Some of the local Meitei boys who came on fancy bikes tried to talk to Christina, the younger one amongst us as we came out of the boat rides and wanted to take a picture with her perhaps to brag their friends later about the “fun” they had! Hahaha.. She declined. I hope they can photoshop later as most locals boys do with their favourite actresses :D

It was about 40km away from the city area and it took us a little over an hour to reach the destination considering the road conditions, it’s black topped but it still is dusty and very bumpy. We were 12 of us, 6 boys and 6 girls and we came in two cars. One was driven by Vicky and the other by me. The local food available in the local market was great. We were hungry and hogged on to the available food items there. I reached home around 7pm and slept without dinner. 

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