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Ningning Niumai

A freelance web developer and a B.Tech student @ IIT Delhi is an online impression of who I am, a freelance web developer from New Delhi, India. I design simple, clean, functional websites and currently have clients from US, UK and India. When I'm not designing websites or skateboarding, I exercise my brain at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Who am I?

Born to be an Earthling a little more than 2 decades ago, I'm doing my B.Tech in Textile Technology, IIT Delhi. The most chilled out department \m/ ..More?

My Skills: Freelance web developer

I develop websites using HTML & CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP/MySQL, Photoshop, Illustrator and they are compatible with IE 7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Freelance Custom Website Design

I build custom websites and e-Commerce websites and also CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, OpenCart, Virtuemart, etc. My works include using paypal and ccavenue.

Outsource Websites to freelance web designer

Too busy with other projects and yet don't want to let go off a client? I can get your web projects done.

Outsource website maintenance to India

Got an AWESOME website without a technical guy to update it? Maintenance and support services depending on your business needs can be arranged on a per hour basis.

Web Portfolio

Designed by Freelance Web developer Delhi Freelance web design for a Consultancy firm Inter IIT website A legal firm website by freelancer Ningning Niumai Liangmai church website by freelance web designer Ningning Niumai

I designed and developed the above websites with valuable inputs from the respective clients. My complete portfolio is available on demand, contact me.


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How it all began: Freelancing as web developer in Delhi

It was in my 7th grade, a Pentium III with 800MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 20GB HDD, 800x600 pixels CRT Monitor. WOW!

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Setup by a common friend, out I went with a JNU girl for a blind date in Delhi from PSR Rock in JNU, PVR Priya, Nescafe at IIT Delhi to India Gate and back.

The trip to Delhi that wasn’t

There are quiet a few good looking girls in the Imphal International Airport today. Feasts my eyes haha ;)

The Backdrop 

Hold on

Patience.. I haven't got enough time to put things together yet.