Gender War in IIT Delhi

Gender War in IIT Delhi

I hope this doesn’t catch the eye of the IIT Delhi authorities or create a stir and get me into trouble – DISCO, the kids here love to call that. IIT Delhi authorities could give a DISCO happily for just posting a picture on facebook!! For all I care this could be a work of fiction.

I’m not here to talk about the IIT Delhi girls and their beauty or the brains or the extremely dirty shoes and sandals they wear or the clothes they choose not to wash and wear them alternately to classes or the sweaty smell or the bad breathe or the way how they think they are very sexy and sought after or the way how they think the boys in IIT Delhi are no good and that the guys from outside the campus are sexy and more …manly :sigh: And yes, I could go on all day long. 

Girls are in every topic of discussion in the hostels where there’s booze or otherwise and yes, the sex starved male species love every details of it. The boys in IIT Delhi love to talk about the girls in Delhi University and would brag about how easy it is for an IITian to land with one. Funny, how IITians love to pride themselves about DU chicks, virgin and sexed up for them but for all I know, off the 4000+ boys in the campus, only a handful gets to go on a date with the infamous Delhi University girls or any girls for that matter and off the handful boys only a single decimal percentage gets lucky.

I have read a few blogs from some IIT Delhi girls who can’t tolerate the sight of IIT Delhi boys staring at them or how desperately they would try every possible trick in the book. Oh yes, I admit, they do. They really do  and its pathetic to see them go down that road like an old faithful dog with its tail wagging upwards. But then, these are Indian men we are talking about. It is not our college issue but a National issue. Blame whoever you want.

One of the girls went to the extent of writing in her blog that a boy in IIT Delhi went to the extent of trying to touch her hands with  his dreamy eyes in the ever crowded place, Neski under the library!! I can’t judge if the guy was just being a jerk like many other IITian boys or she was just being paranoid. I’ll stick with the later theory knowing the fact that she’s a 4 pointer (not academically) and won’t be considered as a girl worth trying for outside the IIT Delhi campus walls. Call me blunt but you should read the blogs by some of these girls. That’s right, off the few extremely limited girls in the batch, a maximum of 5 is worth trying for at most. Generally, mechanical department has no girls while biotech and textile branches has the maximum and the best ones. The interesting twist is the fact that the boys will still go down that road for a 2 pointer or less. I can see the tails wagging too. 

While most boys and girls have heated arguments and discussions among themselves, there are a number of couples out there who’ve made a nest for themselves within the walls and are hiding in some dark corner away from the preying eyes giggling like 13 years old with their hormones raging. It is not uncommon to see couples in places like the Canara bank entrance, the rooms in the blocks meant for educational purposes or the Synergy building roof top in the wee hours of the night. Heck, I won’t want to disclose every spot and create a hunting ground for everyone else.

It’s a lost-lost situation. IIT Delhi girls talking about IIT Delhi boys like as if the latter belongs to the lowest level of human breed and yeah, vice versa while secretly and desperately hoping a miracle happens while there are other awesome breed of boys and girls who have made IIT Delhi a Haven to stay in. There’s another interesting breed that goes by the self pity and have already convinced themselves that they are in no position to ever get attracted to the opposite gender. They are not wrong! Which breed are you?

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