Valentine's day in IIT Delhi

So it’s the time of the year again when Delhi University (DU) girls are a common topic and laughing at the girls from Himadri or Kailash hostels in the name of being “not good enough” and yet secretly wanting.. Welcome to the junta of IIT Delhi. The place where the sex ratio stands at 10:1 and where a hundred boys goes crazy over one or two better looking girls among the lot. 

It Girls from IP College in IIT Delhi hostel is not uncommon for the young lover boys in the hostels of IIT Delhi to mock at girls amongst his peers, yet secretly have a hidden folder somewhere in his laptop named after her and pictures downloaded off facebook and whatsapp. Now now.. Don’t act like as though you have no idea of what I’m talking about. Admit it. “Be a man” as Russell Peters would put it.

Yes, it is also the time of the year when I’m most often approached by the boys to introduce me some “north eastern chicks” who likes to party and drink. The “easy” ones, they would say. These are my boys and showing them middle finger is a usual thing. Can’t change the mindset overnight. An auto wallah puts it, “No offense brother but the girls from your place do party a little too hard. Drink too much and do all sort of things”. I had to defend and so replied, “Be it a girl or a boy, irrespective of where they come from, time have change. Everybody drinks and party.” But he was quicker to his defense, “Look brother, I have lived long enough and ferried thousands of passengers. Don’t be mad at me but I’m only telling you of what I see everyday”. Yes, a few girls and boys do have a neck to party hard and unknowingly spoil the image of the rest of us from the North East. 

Anyways, coming back to the IIT Delhi campus, it is a freaking big deal to be able to talk to a girl. I remember sitting next to a girl and saying, “hi” and to which she turned to her friend and said, “isn’t this Ningning? How flirtatious”. Yes, it’s beyond believe. Its insane. Its impossible. There are however quiet a friendly ones to make an exception. Frankly speaking, getting into a relationship with the opposite sex here is a very big deal, an achievement if I may add. I'm surprise somebody hasn't put it on his resume for fun's sake. Who knows, the HR might like you for your creativity haha.. People talk, “she isn’t good enough for him. Look at her complexion, so dark!” or “he is such a jerk, she should have been with me” and goes the conversations. Almost all the students mock at the guys having girlfriends from within the campus citing their looks as the main reason but deep down, jealousy is a bitch.. Come on, if any girl shows interest, you would go for her with your tails wagging. Its IIT Delhi, you don’t have a choice. Beggars can’t be choosers. Yes, I know we live in the 21st century but damn LOL

This is also the time of the year when a few handful boys will try out the roads taken by many of the seniors before them. Tips and Tricks will be shared, spoils will be enjoyed as they drive out with money in their pockets. HIV on Valentines Day but convincing themselves that such a dreadful disease can’t get them. I’m not judging. As long as they are happy. Wait.. why am I saying this? I really don’t know. It’s my personal blog and I’m just sharing what comes to my mind. 

Yes, getting into a relationship is a mess, its painful, its pitiful from a different angle, its crazy but if you haven’t, give it a shot. You Only Live Once. Fall in love, have a heart break, fall in love again with another. It will hurt you more but it won’t kill you.  

Remember, “the most beautiful girl is the loneliest” – Charlie Sheen. Make a list and start from the top. Walk up to her and surprise yourself with something simple as, “I’ve fancied you long enough and would like to know you better. Join me for dinner tonight.” And smile. If she says “No. I’ve got plans already”, don’t sweat it out. Hurry up, you have the next girl on your list to ask out ☺

What about me, some self style love guru on the Valentine's Day be doing? Well, I’ll probably be taking my awesome 5 years old nephew, Jethro for shopping. Buy him the ironman costume he’s been asking for weeks now. Love for my 3 nephews, priceless. 

Photo Credit: The girls in the picture are from IP college, Delhi University perhaps on their way to attend "Socials" at IIT Delhi and taken from

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The girl with a chimera tattoo

"Ningning, I'm happy for you" she said choking in her voice over the phone at 3:24am in the morning. Happy for me?!! I thought in my sleepy head. She dumped and left me high & dry as she walked out that door. She just comes back around after all these months with a guilty conscious seeking to start afresh! I could only imagine looking into her eyes with tears and in pain. That part of me was long gone. it was only a few minutes ago i was flirting with another girl over the phone on my hostel terrace when she called. I wonder if she knew I'm not her boy toy anymore.

Looking back, she was like my first video game. "You complete me", I often say. Yeah she did. We were great friends and we become more than friends over time. Everything came around naturally and for the first time I understood the meaning ‘made for each other'. We were awesome together in each others' wonderland.

Distance. Long distance relationship can turn sour and when it does, tattoooh boy, be glad you aren't there. The thought of betrayal, the thought of being cheated, the rumours and the lies that follows, it's an ugly sight. I thought i tried but time's a tricky thing and her phone was almost and always busy in the middle of the night. I knew it was time to move on but i didn't want to lose her. There was hope and hope is a good thing, they say. I stuck around until the minute she was proposed which I knew was coming and was coming soon. But damn, i didn't expect it that soon! 

Life's an experience and it has given us so much and yet we curse along as we move on. How insensitive of us, i know. Anyways, she was happy with someone else and no, unlike the movies, I wasn't happy for her. It was painful to think of her in someone else's arm. Her facebook updates with her new guy was beyond what words could describe. My blood grows cold everytime. It's like magic! The only difference being the fact that I'm on the receiving end and not the viewer enjoying every minute of the trickery nature played upon me.

Staying in the metro city could be hard when you don't step out of your room and for a guy who doesn't drink or smoke and naturally who doesn't party much, I end up spending my weekends with the single guys in my hostel which is mostly and sadly all of them. The ignorant virgins and their talks about how they would and could but choose not to and the guys who pay to satisfy their urges is one hell of a bunch to kill time on weekends. A good bunch. By the way, if you are a girl and wants to get serious, find an IITian. They are saving themselves for marriage. No kidding. On a great weekend, a guy or two or less from each hostel would score some dates with real Delhi University (DU) girls while the rest have imaginary DU girlfriends in their laptops. Horny engineers. Yes, IITians rock, I know.

It was a few months after the so called break up that I finally thought it was time and told myself, "hey! I'm single" but then again looking at the girls in my college, IIT Delhi, I didn't have much of a choice. The good ones are taken, the other good ones are, lets' say, not available. the available girls, I don't know them yet. The girls in my friends' circle won't introduce me saying, "You are a bad boy and will be a bad influence". Oh yes, the bollywood movies are a good influence! And No, it doesn't get better than that.

Time's important and whenever I go back to my room to kill it, the train of thoughts follow. She blame me for the break up!! Apparently, I was never there for her and she found this time of the year convenient to tell me this. only if. We could have taken the other road. We could have found a solution together but no, she found a new guy for herself instead and decided to walk back right in when her new relationship turned sour. I was sleepy but her choky voice woke me up. I hate it when people blame me but this time, it was different. I knew I had not treated the way she should have. Deep down, I knew everything fell apart mostly because of my fault but I hated her. I felt humiliated with the way she treated me beyond reasons. She dumped me for another guy and that thought just gets deeper into the head. My heart grew cold. 

Time heals everything and don't they say "patience pays"? A fine evening it was when I met this fine, charming and an extremely talkative girl who can talk about anything under the clouds.  Dressed in white tee with some funky colourful graffiti on it, grey hot pants, her kissable lower lip pierced and so is her navel which I found out later and three sets of different earrings with white & red stones, big beautiful hazel eyes with black kajal. Oh summer bliss. She was seasoned with a deep-inked chimera tattoo on the back of her right shoulder, pretty as she could be, very comfortable with herself. I was lost in my contemplations until she looked at me and smiled. She's neither the kind of girl I usually go out with nor the kind of girl I thought I'd fall for. Life is not the way I had planned but I would like to think I'm doing better than awesome, atleast for now :)

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Naked hairy men at IIT Delhi

Naked hairy men at IIT Delhi

Yes, most of us stay almost naked with just the boxers. No, we are not in protest or stripping for money using webcams. IITians stripping, anyone for a startup idea? LOL.. We are simply trying to survive the furnace like rooms in the IIT Delhi hostels with just a ceiling fan running 24/7. i.e until the electricity goes out. It's not a pleasant sight to see another man with hair in their chest but this is a hairy society and there's no escaping it. Opening windows in this heat is nothing but suicidal and therefore the doors are left open to let some breeze come in.

No, this picture isn't taken at a railway station but the common room in the Karakoram Hostel, IIT Delhi. Students fight for space to sleep in this hall since there are two "legal" coolers. They bring their own mattresses and other bed sheets as it is IMPOSSIBLE to sleep in the rooms specially the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Come to think of it, this is the best college in India and ranked 152 in the world with a top class infrastructure! They say, "Infrastructure facilities at IIT Delhi are being regularly upgraded or expanded to meet the requirements and aspirations of its students." Last summer and the summer before that and the years before that, some students had gone to the authorities concerned requesting them to allow atleast air coolers in the hostel but they simply said "NO" with no reasons and the students came back disappointed. Some few more went with reasonable points and they said, "The entire wiring in the campus needs to be replaced which will run into few crores to allow air coolers and ACs." They simply refused to listen to our greviences. They come up with one reason or an excuse everytime. What is so hard to say "yes" and allow coolers and ACs? It isn't their hard earned money nor their papa's. It is the government's, yes, the corrupted government or so everyone's been complaining. Why not say yes and do something good for the students' welfare? The elected representatives are no good and they chicken out everytime before the higher authorities. They can never argue. Who elects them anyway? Us. Duh.

Life's like that all over again. Frustration takes over but there's nothing really that can be done. Some students have Air Coolers and Refrigerators in their rooms while the others suffer quietly waiting impatiently to graduate and get away.

One incident that I'll never forget about what happened in Karakoram Hostel last summer goes like this:

An M.Tech guy went to the caretaker asking for "written" permission to bring in an air cooler thinking it is legal since the guys in his wing uses it. When the caretaker refused saying, "it's not legal and allowed." He cooly replied, "My friend next door uses it." Yes, of course his friend was fined Rs 3000 and both of them had a heated argument that night. I was hoping fist would be raised but what a disappointment. This hairy society can argue but never really goes physical unlike the head hunting blood in us, the north easterners. Oh what a blissful summer night!

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And there goes my first blind date!

“I don’t think I can see you again. I wish all the very best in life. Btw, your million dollar idea is safe with me.” 

I responded to her SMS with a simple smiling smiley ":)" and that was the last I ever heard from her again. Yes, it was great while it lasted. How long did it last? Approximately 4 hours and 47 minutes.

My First blind dateGirls are the best wingman and one of my good old friend, Nitya introduced me to one of her best friends, Sonali. Yes, to repair her laptop that broke down a week after she paid Rs 1500 at Nehru Place to fix it. Sweet… laced with honey. Everything starts with a favour when it comes to my friends introducing a girl. She’s from JNU and was just about a 10 minutes drive away. A couple of days and a few facebook messages, she gave me her number without being asked and I thought, “she’s awesome” to myself.

Friday, a few days later: I was nervous!! Perhaps because I have never really had a blind date before or perhaps because I was out with the boys earlier and wasn’t dressed for the “occasion”. In short, I was at my worst: a white Louis Philippe shirt, black Woodland shorts and my favourite Nike slippers. As I reached her hostel, I saw her from a distance and my heart skipped. Dressed in blue jeans, black tees and matching sandals. She turned around, our eyes met and not being dramatic but I almost lose control of my car. Yes, she’s not bad at all in person ;)

We greeted and drove around the campus stopping at NorthEast dabha for a cup of ginger tea. Went to the infamous PSR Rock of JNU, watched the couples in the dark as they count the night stars like the young teenage couples in my college hiding away. I guess we all have our naughty childish sides in opportune moments. We just sat there and talked like as though we’ve been friends for a long time. 

For no particular reason, she wanted to go to India Gate! A long drive with a future potential girlfriend. Why not, right? I don’t remember much of what we talked about! Perhaps, it’s the tips from Charlie Sheen. A few keywords in between her sentences and reply as though I understood everything hehe..  She did mentioned about being not ready for another relationship. She had broken up with her boyfriend of over 2 years a few weeks ago and was an emotional wreck. Perhaps, I should have care to think how or what must be going through her. Everything’s a learning experience. She still had feelings for him and her facebook had his picture with “I miss him” written all over it. I should have known. She’s not the prettiest of the girls I’ve been with but she’s got a charm that one gets drawn to. She smiles and the world inside of you smiles along. She’s beautiful in her own ways.

I wasn’t expecting anything to turn around that night anyways. I had broken up with my girlfriend the week before and needed to clear my head. She was perfect. I had a great time and dropped her off to her hostel around 4 in the morning.

I was thinking of asking her out again in the coming weeks but my schedule was beyond tight for anything fancy. We kept in touch over the course of time through SMS and facebook messages. I thought it was going great. I don’t know what happened! Her first impression of me was probably her last or she found someone else better or to put it in my friend’s word, “You reminded of her boyfriend and he’s obviously way better than you”. We laughed. Deep down, I was hurt a little, told myself, “Life isn’t fair to have not gotten a second chance with her. I wasn’t at my best. She could have been mine.”

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